Sunday, September 7, 2008

FALL! FaLL! fAll! FAll! faLL!

I get very excited by fall. I actually get a buzz off of the air, no really I do! I love it more than any season. I was on the phone with my friend Kate and I said "Hi Kate Happy Fall! (Sept 3rd) "Its not Fall yet!" she said. Well I don't care Kate's of the world I want Fall as many days as I can have it.
We are planning a big fundraiser at work called Apple Fest, which is a lot of work and is pretty stressful yet all of the events surrounding Apple Fest are Fall related and sometimes in the meetings I get secretly excited, not so much for standing around at the kiddie carnival all day but all the talk of apple desserts and pumpkins makes me a bit elated that summer is over.

So on one of my Fall obsessed days I was taking a "small short break" (term brother Alan coined at age 6 or so to avoid homework) from my work and I was thinking about all the things I like to cook in the fall and throughout the winter. Pumpkin curry soup, stuffed acorn squash, sweet potato tacos, beef stew with pie.........and I dawned on me.....BREAD. I have never made bread before. It has always seemed a bit mistifiying. The yeast, the rising, the certain # of minutes you have to mix it and knead seemed out of reach. But I decided after looking up some recipes that I was ready to undertake bread. In honor of fall.

Here are some highlights of my FIRST bread making.

I was a bit worried at first that I had just made a vat of glue....

But at last it was working out....

Here are my 3 risen loaves....

and finally my 3 finished loaves!

They looked good and tasted good.

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Ruth said...

woot! nice loaves, gwen.

i am also scared of making bread, and i think it's also because of the kneading and rising. my mom make bread periodically, and my sister has made challah on several occasions, but there are just SO MANY THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG.